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Jumat, Juni 12, 2009

Introduction to Log Analysis

Introduction to Log Analysis
Course Overview
This course are covered the fundamentals of log analysis for understanding open-hole logs and gaining immediate practical skills in formation evaluation. Hydrocarbon evaluation, porosity and permeability estimation are covered, together with rock typing and pay assessment. Methods to integrate core data, drill-cuttings reports, DST results, and production information with logs are described. Log quality control and normalization issues are also discussed. Participants are required to bring either a calculator or a laptop computer (please be sure to fully charge laptop batteries prior to each day) for all 3 course days. Excel freeware log analysis software is provided.

Course Outline
  • Introduction
  • Review of Logging Tool Fundamentals and Downhole Measurements
  • Quick-Look Log Analysis Techniques
  • Archie Log Analysis of Water Saturation and Extensions to Non-Archie Rocks
  • Productivity Predictions of Water-Cut
  • Permeability Estimation from Logs
  • Pay Determination
  • Rock Composition from Log Overlays and Crossplots
  • Shaly Sandstone Analysis
  • Simple and Complex Carbonate Analysis
  • Integration of Core Data with Logs
  • Case Studies and Exercises of Log Analysis which include Cuttings, Core, DST and Production Information
  • Borehole Environment and Log Quality Checks

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