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Kamis, September 12, 2013

COMPRESSED NATURAL GAS (CNG) Fueling Station Operation and Maintenance

COMPRESSED NATURAL GAS (CNG) Fueling Station Operation and Maintenance

CNG station maintenance is vital to the safe and optimal operation of the vehicles that fuel there. Two of the most critical performance issues for natural gas vehicles are oil carryover and water in the natural gas stream. Proper maintenance of the CNG station will help ensure neither of these problems exists, preventing user complaints and potential risk of engine damage.

Objective :
-        List and describe the physical properties of natural gas.
-        Understand the health hazards of natural gas.
-        Understand the causes and effects of gas quality in a CNG fueling station.
-        Understand the reasons for and components of the CNG Fueling Station Operation & Maintenance Plan.
-        List the most critical tools required to maintain a CNG fueling station.
-        List the most frequently needed spare parts for maintaining a CNG fueling station.
-        List the most common specifications required in a third-party CNG Fueling Station Maintenance Contract.
-        Understand the necessity for an Emergency Fueling Plan.
-        Be familiar with the most common CNG fueling station trouble shooting techniques.
-        Understand the CNG maintenance log and other related forms and how to use them.
-        Understand the major CNG fueling station components and maintenance practices for each.
-        Understand federal safety regulations for CNG fueling stations.
-        Understand the general safety issues associated with CNG fueling stations and how to mitigate risk with each.
-        Understand safety procedures and precautions required when maintaining CNG fueling stations.
-        Understand the key components of and how to conduct a CNG fueling facility safety evaluation.
-        Understand the circumstances when it is necessary to defuel a CNG powered vehicle.
-        Become familiar with the procedures required to perform a defueling operation on a CNG powered vehicle.
-        Understand the waste tracking requirements for a CNG fueling station, including Hazardous Waste.
-        Understand the elements of a HAZOP plan as they relate to a CNG fueling station.

Outline :
1.    Introduction to Compressed Natural Gas
2.    Health Hazards of Natural Gas
3.    Gas Quality
4.    The Operation and Maintenance Plan
5.    Major Fueling Station Components and Maintenance Practices
6.    Safety Procedures and Guidelines
7.    CNG Facility Safety
8.    Vehicle Defueling
9.    Waste Tracking and Disposal
10.  Elements of a HAZOP Plan

Who Should Attend:
  • CNG fueling station maintenance technicians
  • Fleet managers/supervisors responsible for CNG stations
  • Fleet management procedures specialists
  • CNG fueling station owners who contract maintenance to a third party

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