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Rabu, Maret 24, 2010


Introduction to
Deepwater Drilling & Floating Production Facilities
for new drilling and production crew and non-technical professionals
This 3 day intensive training course will cover details of drilling rigs and how they operate, specifically for deepwater activities. The relationship between drilling and production will be explored with examples of current field developments. The course also outlines deepwater floating production hosts, and their technical components. These systems will be described together with examples as part of a field development concept.
This course is intended for new drilling engineers and production engineers who wish to learn more about how their technology is integrated into a successful full deepwater field development. The course is also suitable for non-technical professionals that have recently moved into deepwater field development areas. Numerous case studies are presented through-out the course to provide participants with a full view of the total field development activity in deepwater. Current safety and environmental Issues will be addressed.
Upon completion of the course participants should understand :-
• Types and Functions of Drilling Rigs
• How Drilling Rigs Operate
• How Wells are Drilled from Platforms and Subsea
• Latest Advances in deepwater Drilling
• Deepwater Floating Production Systems
• The FPSO Equipment and How it Operates
• The Requirements of the full Deepwater Field Development
• Safety and Environmental Issues

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