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Rabu, Maret 24, 2010

Piping & Pipeline: Design, Fabrication, Inspection and Maintenance

Piping & Pipeline: Design, Fabrication, Inspection and Maintenance
To learn Codes, Standard and Regulations for Pipeline To learn Technical Pipeline Documentation To learn flow characteristic inside pipeline To learn optimization of the pipe size selection To learn pipeline design loads and be able to conduct stress analysis To understand the ANSI Codes and ASME Codes for pipeline To learn pipe support analysis & design
1. Piping System Materials Fabrication, Assembly, Erection, And Maintenance
2. Piping Documentation Technique System
3. Pipe Fluida Failure
4. Optimasi Pemilihan Diameter Pipa
5. Sistem Kontrol Pada Instalasi Pipa
6. Valves Piping Design
7. Loads Pipe Stress Analysis
8. Pipe Stress Requirements Design Of Pressure Components
9. Pipe Span Calculation
10. Expansions Loops, Expansions Joints
11. Flanged Joints Pipe Support Systems Case Studies

The course is intended for Piping engineers, mechanical engineers, maintenance engineers & supervisors, Service engineers & supervisors, technicians and inspectors responsible for the design, work over engineers & supervisors, plant Engineers and Petroleum Engineers.

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