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Rabu, Maret 24, 2010

Electrical Submersible Pump: Characteristic, Maintenance and Trouble Shooting

Electrical Submersible Pump: Characteristic, Maintenance and Trouble Shooting

To produce oil, most of artificial lift uses Electric Submergible Pump (ESP). So, after completed this training the participant will be able to:
Know how to design, analyze the trouble shooting of ESP Understand the operation of pump testing Understand indication of Pump operation and Pump installation

1. Introduction
2. History Basic Construction,
3. Application Installation Type
4. Negative Positive of ESP
5. Basic Electronic
6. OHM Low, DC and AC Flow Inductors and capacitors. Transformer, KVA Calculate
7. Pump Component
8. Submersible Pump Equipment Protector and Motor pump
9. Cable Calculation, Temperature and switchboard
10. Pump Proclivities
11. IPR gradaient and Vogel IPR, THD Prediction, TDH and Fault PI Graphic of TDH versus
12. Pump Design
13. Basic Design and Pump choices, Data, TDH Basic Pump Design to submersible installing
14. Pump for High GOR
15. Pump Design Effect and Similarity, AGH and Poseidon Principles
16. Pump for Strong Oil
17. Effect and Similarity of Pump
18. Variable Speed Drives
19. Effect to RPM, BHP, Head and flow
20. Pump Repairs and replacement
21. Flat rate repairs Pump Repairs determining Recommended Practice
22. Integrity Test For Pump Procedure testing of any kind of pump
23. Unit Additional Lubricating, vacuum check, pressure test to REDA and
24. Centrilift, ODI, Failure report, Install Operation - Start Up, Pulling
25. Cabell connector Procedure, safety & Trouble Shooting
26. ESP Tear Down Inspection Component description and pump disclosure procedure, motor, Protector, Failure Control Motor Maintenance

Reservoir Engineer/ Superintendent/ Supervisor Rotating Engineer/ Superintendent/ Supervisor Production, Power Plant Engineer/ Superintendent/ Supervisor Petroleum Engineer Everybody who wants to add the knowledge and gain benefits from this course

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