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Kamis, April 17, 2014

Defensive Driving Training

Defensive Driving Training

Driving is a high risk activity . Vehicle accidents in the world tops the cause of death . Until then do not be surprised if the Traffic Accidents also called as Silent Killer . In indonseia alone , with the number of vehicles increase the potential of the crash itself .
Do not you ever think that your Company's activities must not be separated from the drive . Employee shuttle , shuttle management , as well as drivers for companies engaged in the field of transportation such as taxis , Travel , tourism bus . Imagine if a traffic accident occurs due to negligence of the driver . Not Just a material loss , but the loss of life could have occurred . Plus the customer's trust into decline .
It required training of Defensive Driving, so expect the participants to anticipate any possible or potential factors that lead to accidents on the highway .

1.       Regulations and Penalties Traffic Violations .
2.       Causes of traffic accidents .
3.       Preparations Driving
4.        Views Far Ahead
5.        Views Area
6.       Mobilize Eyes
7.       Placement Vehicle Highway
8.       Communications Highways
9.       Techniques Backward
10.   Manners driver (up - down passengers , is prohibited when driving , bad driver habits etc ) .
11.   Driving on the highway .

Driver in the company and Corporate staff that oversees driver behavior.

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