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Kamis, April 17, 2014

Training for Heavy Equipment Operator

Training for Heavy Equipment Operator

Heavy equipment is all sorts of equipment / aircraft mechanical attachment and implementation including both those with power (self propelled ) or pulled ( towed - type) as well as a silent place ( stationary ) and has more power than a kilo - watt , which is used to carry out construction works mining , general industry , agriculture / forestry and / or other areas of work , as long as not a direct processing tool . In many ways the operation of heavy equipment and aspects that must be considered , ranging from skills and skill operators , tool operating procedures , safety aspects and aspects of maintenance and troubleshooting . This is a heavy equipment engineering equipment containing high hazard risks that can cause workplace accidents if not properly handled
Heavy equipment operators are skilled nowadays much needed in the mining industry , plantation and construction . Power demand of the mine operators include nickel , coal and cement , land clearing and oil palm nursery , and construction work in urban and residential development area . However, with the increasing use of heavy equipment ( excavators , loaders , bulldozers , Dumptruck , Trailers , Side Boom , etc. ) in the field of industry and services , where aircraft lift and transport / heavy equipment can also cause accidents that could lead to losses of property and life humans , it needs to be put prevention .
In this training, participants will be trained armed with theoretical knowledge and mastery of technique operation of heavy equipment , particularly excavators . More emphasis on practical training , so participants proficiently operate the machine properly . The material is not only given theory in the classroom , but also can directly observe heavy equipment that are outside the classroom , making it easier for participants to absorb the material theory .
Participants shall be equipped with knowledge about equipment maintenance , safety , labor reporting , trained ready to work with simulative training , so that when the skilled graduates into the world of work . The material is supplied complete practice exercises for all participants , including excavation , loading , dumping , ditching and traveling for participants to master all types of good operating techniques , the result is that they are more confident and not awkward in the field of work .

Course Outline  :
1.       Basics of Occupational Safety and Health Policy
2.       Basic First Aid
3.       Indonesian Legislation on the operation of heavy equipment
-         Permennaker Number : Per.05/Men/1985
-         Permennakertrans Number : Per.09/Men/2010
4.       Knowledge Base Equipment
5.       Knowledge Mobilization and Hydraulics
6.       Safety Device
7.       Causes Accident In Heavy Equipment
8.       Factors Affecting Safe Working Load
9.       Operation Safe
10.   Maintenance and Inspection Equipment

Participants :
Prospective operators or operators of heavy equipment and personnel involved in the management and operation of bulldozers and excavators , etc. .

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